A caricature of Tim, drawn and signed by Ryan Finlay.

is a slightly retarded skinny twig of a person. Due to his incredible skinniness, he can also fall in cracks in the ground and once had the nickname Twiggy. Tim is obsessed with using borders on all Word documents, even something as rough as a science notes sheet.

There is a rumour that Tim is possibly Pinsrap, but at this point in time it is only wild speculation with no solid proof. Tim is a member of The Dregs, The Horny Gherkin Productions and Thornfish and co-founder of the Rope cult. Roru is derived from his spectacularly bad Japanese skills and he is an expert at Hatting and Tatting. He and Liam Tullett created the Locker Law and he regularly uses the greeting What's Going On?

He is the subject of The Rejected Tim Song and stars in the epic 2012 film Jimmy the Goat. Tim was in Class B 2010-11, and Class B 2012-13.

As of July 2017, he lives in the Crib along with Brad and Rehfisch. He spends a lot of time watching Suits, cooking side-pastas and talking about SuperCoach with Brad.


  • It is a proven scientific fact that, due to Tim's skinniness, he disappears completely from sight when he turns sideways.
  • He has a BMI of -3.
  • Tim thinks that "everybody else is in awe of this skinniness, and he is considered as somewhat of a local legend."
  • He is the king of Stingpong.
  • Tim is well known around the school, and the world, as the giver of Timspiration.
  • He is the greatest storyteller of Story Time.
  • He owns an enormous Bulldogs premiership clock, which is possibly the most disgusting thing ever to exist on planet Earth. It frequently disappears and is eventually found by Tim in more secretive hiding spots each time.


Year Movie Role played Notes
2011 HoboChef - The Hobo Gathering Twiggy Hobo
2012 Jimmy the Goat Himself