The Dregs is a group of people including Liam Tullett, Michael Rehfisch, Tim Howe, Lloyd and CPana. This group came about on Athletics Day, when they ran in the last race in the 100, 200 and 400m races. They therefore named themselves the 'Dregs', based on their profound lack of general sporting, but especially sprinting ability.

The Dregs are also well known for playing Top Trumps in lots of the races.

As a sign of pride for themselves, the Dregs created their own version of the High 5, called the Dreg 5, or sometimes the Dreg 3. This involves roughly throwing your hand at your partner's hand while making harsh grunting noises.

There is a new version of The Dregs which is the Footy Dregs. They are the people who have joined the school footy team just to make up numbers. Unfortunately, one member had betrayed the dregs and gave up on the school footy team, saying that "it isn't really my thing". This caused uproar among the the remaining Dregs against this member, although the member really doesn't care, and enjoys "mucking about in the sand" with Aksh and Larry more than school footy.