The toilet pre-Ryan.

"Don't feel blue, don't do it in your shoe, don't spew, take a poo in Room 102"
—The slogan used by members of Room 102

'Take a Poo in Room 102' is the memorable quote, thought up by Siva Prakash and Liam Tullett, used for Room 102's toilet during Year Seven Camp. The students staying in Room 102 (Liam, Lloyd, Cass and Tom) encouraged others to excrete waste into their toilet and did not seem to mind the build up of faeces. This toilet remained un-flushed for the majority of the camp.

The entire collection of goodness was lost when Connor flushed without thinking. A moment of silence was given before punching the flusher. However in August 2013, three years after the flushing incident, Barney confessed to bribing Connor with food to get him to flush the toilet, as Barney thought it was disgusting and ran the risk of overflowing.