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Siva having fun at his new school

Siva Prakash claims he is an 'almighty force', although this is disputed by many people. He is a founding member of the Anti Vitamin D Club and uses the phrase Goodly. He uses magnets to destroy electronics.

Many fear him since his almighty belly might swallow them. His belly is powered by the power of Gummi. He is also very skilled in the form of Makeatsyu Atsu: the school of winning without belly masses. He played school soccer in 2011, in which he won.

He is mentioned in We Didn't Want To Come Here and The Roman Llama Song.

Siva was in Class B 2010-11, but has since moved schools. He is convinced he if getting in with lots of girls, which everyone knows to be a lie. He now also claims to play rugby and lacrosse, which everyone finds difficult to believe. Mr Science Teacher believes he does play both sports, but on an Xbox.

According to, Siva is 25 years old and lives in Wangaratta, Australia.


Siva has created:


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