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Shnick, also sometimes spelt Schnick, is a mind game, similar to that of the Game. It was introduced to the school on Year Eight camp by leaders Simon and 'Bambi'. Brad Davison was the first person to be shnicked.

It involves someone asking another person a really obvious question. If they give the obvious answer, you may then say 'schnick'. However, if the person realises what you are doing, they may say 'block'.

The most famous schnick off all time goes to Brady, who shnicked Tim Howe with the question 'Are you a dinosaur?'.

Anti-Shnick PatrolEdit

Some Lessers, tired with too many bad Shnicks, or Siva-Shnicks, have formed a movement trying to destroy the Shnick-ing revolution. The Anti-Shnick Patrol, or ASP, aims to abolish Shnicks by over-Shnicking everyone so that they get so annoyed with Shnicks that they stop doing it to others.

Schnick has now almost died off, only being mentioned occasionally.

Cultural referencesEdit

Shnick is mentioned in the song We Didn't Want To Come Here.