Some rope

The Rope is a pastime between Liam Tullett and Tim Howe. It involves passing around a segmentation of twine along with the line, "talking about ..., do you want some rope" and it is so ridiculous a) because the ... can be anything, even hopscotch or Judaism, and b) that Michael Rehfisch had to the destroy the rope for the good of humanity, a fact which is celebrated worldwide as No Rope Day. However, many people with good senses of humour enjoyed the joke and the irritation it caused, and were angered when the rope was destroyed.

Sadly, Liam and Tim have taken evil into their own malicious hands and replace the rope with things like grass and other stuff like that. However, this has since stopped after Michael Rehfisch and Brad Davison threatened violence.

The rope then made a brief comeback at the 2013 Athletics Day, using a rope from Liam Tullett's shorts. A map of Eu'rope' has since been used as a substitute, although it has been slightly torn, though not by Michael Rehfisch.

The rope was originally wrapped around a gift to Sam from Charley, which was discarded and then found by Liam.

The rope has now disappeared, and Tim and Liam have failed to obtain a lolly rope from Sam or Caitie.