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Rehfisch, most commonly known by his last name or as Fishyray or the King of the Nerds, is a nerd, student, songwriter and member of the Mob. He has no life.

Biography Edit

He created the Relationship Calculator and most of the 300 Random Days. He has been involved in Garage Saling, Operation KevinUnicycling and Umpiring and was a co-discoverer of the chip shop Cone Heads.  He is also one of very few to complete the computer game Syobon Action. He is so far the only winner of the game Magible Chesno Pokésnapopolyoh, and he is an expert at HattingTatting, Chess and writing songs about the Mob. He was involved in the Unnamed Environmental Play.

He is a founding member of The Dregs, the Anti Vitamin D Club, the Concert BandThe Poster ProjectRelationship InsuranceThe Horny Gherkin Productions and Thornfish. He is currently the owner of The Old Tartan, BooLuigi the Stuffed Toy, Big Luigi, the Sultanas and the only remaining packet of Siva Mints. Rehfisch hosted Rehfisch's 14th birthday party and Rehfisch's 16th birthday party.

As of August 2017, he lives in the Crib with Tim, Brad and Taylah, among others. He spends a fair bit of time playing a "quick four" races of Mario Kart.

Personal life Edit

Rehfisch used to date Zoe. He has been dating Taylah since July 2014.


A wide range of stuff has been created by Rehfisch, such as:


Year Movie Role played Notes
2011 HoboChef - The Hobo Gathering 4 Eyes Hobo
2011 HoboChef - S01E06 HoboChef #6
2012 Jimmy the Goat McNerd 2 Also Director