The Populars are a group of students who think the are the greatest thing since Reeboks. They strut around the schoolyard and cling onto their girlfriends like leeches. Every year or so, a 'lesser' migrates on up to the popular level and disregards all past acquaintances.

However, the Populars usually depend on their 'lessers' for things such as new computer games even though they despise their choice of music. Instead of songs like Rick Astley, they prefer to have their brain blown out of their heads by Dubstep; a sound often described as 'a screaming gopher in a blender'.

Liam Tullett is still regarded as a popular even though he doesn't listen to Dubstep. He is the first semi-popular person.

Come Year 10, the Populars have mainly become extinct, as they moved to other schools.