A Namco multi-game plug and play which Brad brought, which turned out to have flat batteries. Mrs Art Teacher doesn't like it.

PacMan on Camp is an gaming event that occurred on Year Nine city camp. Liam Tullett brought a PacMan plug and play TV game, and a 'portable' 5.5 inch black and white TV, and Brad Davison brought a Namco multi-game plug and play. This resulted in a crowd of students, including Michael Rehfisch, Eliza, Brad, Tim Howe and Bruey, all squished up outside Liam's room, where there happened to be a power-point. After it was discovered that Brad's plug and play didn't work, Michael and Liam watched Eggheads, a 'good' ABC show with no studio audience, and some of the Olympics.

  • The Pac-Man Plug and Play game used.
  • The 5.5 inch, black and white TV used.