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Olivia Monacella was one of the few girls who hangs out with the Mamabii Clan before it morphed with everyone. So far, she has rejected Bruey and Liam Tullett when they tried to ask her out. She is now in a open relationship with her many consoles.

Her hobbies include playing Pokémon, soccer, tennis, Pokémon, anime, playing games on Xbox 360, DS, 3DS, PsP, iPad, iPod, iPhone and gaming PC, normal laptop, and playing Pokémon. So far she has about 75 games for her different consoles. Her dislikes are people who try and be adults when they're 12, people that are so shallow that they can be a puddle, people that are no fun and just people in general. She created the blog Liv's World.

In May 2013, Olivia said “I’m a Collingwood supporter with one of my front teeth missing.”

She was in Class A for 2011 and Class B 2012-13. She hosted a Super Hero Party for her 16th birthday.

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She has been mentioned in the songs Too Short, The Circle Song and We Didn't Want To Come Here.

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