Naan jokes are a category of jokes created by Brad Davison and further
Naan Bread

Some Naan Bread

popularised by The 'Lessers' on Year Nine camp. Naan jokes originated when we went to an Indian restaurant for dinner on the second Year Nine city camp. Brad, as soon as the naan breads were brought out to the table, made his now infamous comment which sparked an aeon of horrible 'jokes'. To an amazing surprise, naan jokes are even worse than the sheep jokes.

During May 2013, the 'Lessers' found out that the restuarant has been closed down, much to their horror.

Best naan jokesEdit

Bruey put a naan joke in a very serious school oral presentation,                      and he is currently regarded as the champion of naan jokes.


The brochure for the restaurant where naan jokes were invented.


These jokes were adopted by Mrs Maths Teacher who has been widely critised in the popular press for her misunderstanding of the joke. Mrs Maths Teacher misuderstands the joke as no or not, instead of the intended meaing of none.

Cultural referencesEdit

Naan jokes appear in: