'Cheese on Pot', mrCheese's possible ancestor

Mr Cheese is story by acclaimed author Ryan Finlay about pain, suffering and "Hippy Gorilas that weed". Ryan created two versions of this school classic, the second of which Liam Tullett has in his possession.


Here is the original draft, completed on 9 September 2010, of the fantastic masterpiece known as 'mrCheese':

In 200,000 AD there was no human race. The only race was Hippy Gorilas that could fly and do weed. But then alien come in and contuct mrcheese because a fat one was hungry, so they took mrcheese to their home planet called ButtButtopia and the fat one was about to eat it but the stench made mrcheese a god Then back on the planet earth The Hippy gorilas went to the venting machine but mrcheese wasn’t their. So then they declaird war


The story of Mr Cheese recieved poor to excellent reviews.


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