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The Mamabii Wiki is a project to document the developing history of the Mamabiis. If you feel you have something to contribute, feel free to edit away. To write a new Mamabii article, enter the page title in the box below, or you could create one of the wanted pages.

The Mamabii Clan, also known as the Nerd Herd or the Mob, was the formal name for the group regularly consisting of the members Siva Prakash, Ryan Finlay, Michael RehfischLiam Tullett and several others. They used to gather near the Sinkhole and the Shipping Container. The group got its name from Siva's phrase Mamabii.

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Keep calm and blame it on the year sevens

The Poster Project is one of The Mob's current projects to enliven the school and generally lift school morale and happiness. Several posters have been put around the school and they have experienced varying levels of success. The group that puts up posters in the Poster Project is not a fixed group. Its members include Bruey, Barney, Connor, Liam Tullett and Tim Howe. (Read more...)

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This wikia, the Mamabii Wikia, is purely intended as a way for us to record occurrences and happenings. Every effort has been made for general anonymity, with the last name of some people removed for their protection from zombies. If there is a page or a sentence that offends you, just change the page and it will probably stay that way. When editing/creating pages, make sure the page is necessary, otherwise the Wiki will quite quickly become swamped with single sentence pages.

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