Mamabii is a phrase coined by Siva Prakash in around the middle of 2010. It was originally thought to be the battle cry of the Pokémon Skitty, but was later found to be the call of Glameow. The name Mamabii was originally used as a stunt for Siva to gain friends. This was hoped to be achieved through what he called Mamabii Club. This was an event that was held every Friday lunchtime at the outdoor chessboard. Unsurprisingly, this club never really took off. Siva was ridiculed for this and ended up closing the club.

This left the the name free for anyone to use. It was picked up in mid 2011 for the name of this page. The name is also used in the title of the Mamabii Clan.


According to the Dictionary of the Mamabiis, the word Mamabii originated as a "mondegreen from the Black Eyed Peas’ song Imma Be"

Cultural referencesEdit

Mamabii is mentioned in:We Didn't Want To Come Here and The Roman Llama Song by Pinsrap