Lloyd's unfortunate laptop screen

Lloyd, also known as Roy, Lloydy Lloydy and Strong Lloyd, is a model student, master wordsmith and come-upperer of many famous phrases. He often wears school shorts when not at school.

Biography Edit

Lloyd stayed in Room 102 on Year 7 camp. One of the more memorable moments with Lloyd was when he got annoyed at his laptop and punched it, breaking the screen, which caused him to punch it again breaking it further. Another memorable moment was when he ground up blue pencil lead and snorted it.

Lloyd runs a successful business selling food and drinks from his locker, and from his bag on Athletics Days. He also created a super-strength cordial on 2013 Athletics Day, and was a founding member of the Athletics Day team the Dregs.

Lloyd was in Class A 2010-11, and Class B 2012-13, and he is one of the targets in Operation Llolly. He was a founding father of Story Time.


Lloyd is fairly immature and will laugh at words like 'penal colony' and even words like 'size' and 'big'. There are three easy ways to make him laugh:

  1. Potato Soup - Lloyd immediately fell in love with the phrase after it was mentioned in a Food Tech instructional video. He was subjected to an uncontrollable thirty five minute laughing fit from which he could not be disturbed. It is now mentioned in most Food Tech lessons.
  2. You ladies ready ta have a GOOD TIME TONIGHT??!! - The second fastest way is to recite the quote: you ladies ready ta have a GOOD TIME TONIGHT??!! This quote is from the infamous YOLO video.
  3. Nepau - The fastest of all time is to say "Nepau". This is an Asian name that Lloyd and Ashton found incredibly amusing whilst flicking through his Business Management textbook. Nepau is a first name of someone in the textbook.

Phrases Edit

Lloyd is well-known for his wide variety of humourous phrases, such as: