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Liam Tullett, also known as Tullett is a student and is one of the two remaining members of the original Mamabii Clan.

Biography Edit

He is the original owner of the sandwich which rose to fame through the Sandwich locker affair. He is the topic of a song called Too Short, and was mentioned in The Circle Song. Liam is also Pinsrap's manager and a founding member of The Dregs and the Anti Vitamin D Club. He brought PacMan to camp, was a co-founder of the infamous Rope cult and was a fan of Troll Science. Liam and Tim Howe created the Locker Law and he likes garage saling, Double Uniforms and Unicycling. He was involved in the Unnamed Environmental Play.

He is the first semi-popular person, because of his love for clinging to his girlfriend, and that he thinks he is "better than everyone", but also because he has a "brilliant sense of taste" when it comes to music, listening to classics like Rock Lobster, as well as anything by Rick Astley. Liam was in Class B 2010-11, and Class B 2012-13. Liam is one of very few to complete Syobon Action, with negative a million lives. A little known fact is that his middle name is apparently 'Subtle'.

Liam has a deck of cards made from two decks that had been mixed together, and were going to be thrown out. They were then shoved into people's lockers, resulting in some cards getting lost. Liam, after complaints about not having a proper deck, sorted through the cards and made a full deck. Many games of Spit are played with them. Liam has beaten Tim Howe, Zoe, Charley and Nigel.

He hosted Tullett's 16th Birthday Party.

Personal lifeEdit

Liam was in a long-term relationship with Eliza. He is sometimes called Love T, due to an occurrence in this relationship. He is a strong vegetarian for no apparent reason and he is an atheist for a very good one (the fact that God doesn't exist).


He has created many amazing things, such as:


Year Movie Role played Notes
2010-2011 HoboChef - All Episodes Host Main role
2011 HoboChef - The Hobo Gathering Host
2011 How to Fix a Broken CD Narrator and Cameraman
2012 The Life of Ryan Co-director and editor
T.B.A. Scoop and Chuck Creator Pre-production


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