The Les Misérables poster

Les Misérables is a film and a book and a musical. We watched the Liam Neeson film in school and are performing the musical at school too. According to a note sent out by the director, Tim Howe is appearing as Jean Valjean, Javert, Fantine, Marius and Cosette. A note from the director was also sent out to Jordan Walton saying had had the part of Marius, but this rumour is believed to be false and everyone knows that note was forged. Tim still has the part of Marius after his brilliant audition singing Empty Chairs at Empty Tables.


Pinsrap, it is rumoured, has an original version of the Jean Valjean song 'God on High', which will be released on the coming album.

A cameo role has been offered to Tim and Pinsrap, but it is unknown which one of them will be taking the role.