Krinkletot's curse was a curse which was first founded by BarneyLiam Tullett and Siva Prakash. It was first found when Barney kidnapped Krinkletot, one of Siva Prakash's prized possessions. He made him his hostage and cut him with a pair of scissors. This angered Siva greatly, but not as much as it did Krinkletot, thus why the curse was created. That's when it all went wrong!

The Shovel incident occured when Liam Tullett, Siva Prakash and Barney were digging a grave for Krinkletot, after Barney then decided to bury Krinkletot behind the garden. Barney struck Liam in the head with his shovel, giving him a "Harry Potter"-esque scar. Later when the teachers discovered it, Siva, Tullett and Barney got in trouble for playing with the spade. Liam, Siva and Barney were dealt detentions. Krinkletot is now secured safely in Siva's house. A remedy was later found, it is when you call it Kricketot.

It is believed that Krinklet was angered for being called Krinklet, as his actual name is Kricketot.

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