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Jimmy the Goat is a film that is the "epicness of epic", according to its creators. It was created by Tim Howe and Ayden starring the one and only Chris Brown. It is especially famous for the stunning professional debut of Pinsrap, an amazing rap artist.

The production company in The Horny Gherkin Productions and the distributor was Thornfish.


Two young schoolboys, Ayden (Ayden) and Tim (Tim Howe) are assigned to make a film trailer for their English class. After multiple suggestions from Ayden, they decide on making a film about Jimmy the Goat.

They film the movie and it does not look good. Luckily for them, Pinsrap (Pinsrap) appears in the nick of time to give them some inspirational ideas. They repeat the filming process and all is well.


  • Chris Brown as himself
  • Ayden as himself and the goat
  • Briana as herself



"Tim says 'No' "

"Tim says 'Yes'! Jimmy!"


"What about Earception?"

"Pinsrap, break it down!"


Pinsrap in "So your first try may have failed, but there's no need to look so pale,

Just pick yourself up and take a look, you might have to go back to the book,

You're looking at it all wrong, and in that scene that's just a bad song,

Stop searching around and stop being so gay, and start looking at this in a different way,

Pinsrap out"


"Y'know, there's a goat in Maffra"


"Are you guys just gonna make a porno?"