Final HoboChef Logo

The HoboChef logo, designed by Michael Rehfisch and Liam Tullett

HoboChef is a series created primarily by Liam Tullett. It is mainly based in a MasterChef format though in each episode only one contestant appears as well as Liam, the judge.

It is planned that there will be eight episodes in a series, but has proved to be an unlikey goal as only 6 have been made since mid 2010.


The cast list for Series One is as follows:

  • Presenter and judge (All episodes) - Liam
  • Camera Man - 'John' who sadly passed on due to suffocating during the pilot episode after breathing one to many of Ryan's farts.
    Hobo ryan

    A HoboChef banner staring Ryan

  • Episode One Hobo - Ryan
  • Episode Two Hobo - Hamish
  • Episode Three Hobo - Simon
  • Episode Four Hobo - Rob
  • Episode Five Hobo - Tom
  • Episode Five Hobo - Mike

The Cast for Series Two is as follows

  • Presenter and judge (All episodes) - Liam
  • Episode One Hobo - Hamish (revisit)
  • Episode Two - TBA
  • Episode Three - TBA
  • Episode Four Hobo - Ryan (revisit)

HoboChef Special: Hobo GatheringEdit

At Rehfisch's 14th birthday party, a special episode 'HoboChef Special: Hobo Gathering' was filmed in celebration of 1 year since the creation of the show. It is over 20 minutes long, and is the only episode to be censored. It features:


All HoboChef episodes are filmed by Liam, usually from his perspective though the camera is usually propped up in the tasting scenes and video logs.

An extra HoboChef, originally planned to be episode 2 of season 2 was filmed with Barney as the starring Hobo. It was later abandoned for excessive swearing, the fact that Ryan Finlay appeared in the background of every second shot and that the running time was over 30 minutes, three times longer than a standard episode.

Theme SongEdit

A theme song was written by Rehfisch and Liam Tullett in 2013, which was a parody of Katy Perry's song Hot and Cold, the song used for the Master Chef TV show intro. The lyrics are as follows:

'Coz you're a HoboChef
You’re blind and you’re deaf
You swear and you’re rude
You cook rubbish food

You smell like you’ve died
Like the slugs that you fried
You live in a hole

You’re out of control

You; you get your food from the garbage bin
You wear old rags and you’re really thin

'Coz you're a HoboChef
You’re blind and you’re deaf
You swear and you’re rude
You cook rubbish food