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Hobwob normal

A diagram showing the centre of gravity in a normal run.

The Hobble Wobble is a specialized running technique which lowers the centre of gravity of the runner enabling them to have a sturdier gait and supposedly run faster.

The Hobble Wobble itself was first made in 2010 by a student by the name of Siva Prakash. The name, however, was only coined in early 2011.


To do the Hobble Wobble is really very simple:
Hobwob special

A diagram showing the centre of gravity in the Hobble Wobble.

  1. First, spread your legs wide apart. They should be at least three times the width of your shoulders.
  2. Then bend over as far as you can without falling over.
  3. Next, put your arms out behind you like a backwards Superman.
  4. Finally, run as fast as you can.

Notable incidentsEdit

Liam Tullett did the Hobble Wobble at the end of a race on the 2013 Athletics Day and somehow make a lovely cut on his leg from falling over on the finish line. He still (somehow) got through to the next level. He then later bribed Tom five dollars to run for him.

Cultural referencesEdit

The Hobble Wobble are the first two words mentioned in the song We Didn't Want To Come Here.