Hatting is a competitive sport played around the school yard. It was invented by Tim Howe and has currently been played by Tim Howe and Liam Tullett. The sport can only be played in Terms 1 and 4 because in the other two terms teachers do not make you wear a hat. In terms 2 and 3, it is replaced with Tatting.


In hatting, you have to survive as long as you can without a hat. The time starts when you step outside a building and stops when a teacher asks where your hats are. The time pauses when you enter a building. You must be moving the entire team, unless you stop in a very centeral, obvious and easy to see location.

High scoresEdit

Best score overallEdit

20:51 minutes - Tim Howe

Three teacher recordEdit

9:30 minutes - Liam Tullett

Two teacher recordEdit

4:30 minutes - Tim

One teacher recordEdit

20:51 minutes - Tim


1:20 minutes - Tim

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