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Fishi is a nickname for a student named Jordan. He is part of the 2013 Visual Arts Class, and for a while a photo of his face was stuck on the door, scaring off many. He does athletics, soccer, basketball and is a zombie apocalypse survival planner with Bruey. He is 5"4' tall and can high jump a full three inches more than his height. He was part of Class A 2010-11 and Class A 2012-13.

Fishi is the 2013 school soccer captain, although the team has lost key players to the football team, due to the recruiting of Tim Howe and Brad Davison. Mr Mainstream Maths Teacher (soccer coach) said, "We will tell the younger kids that there is only one rule.... and that rule is, pass to Gatt, CPana and Fishi and we will be fine". He will be a strong leader, and try his best to bring the Year 10s to glory for their final year at the school.

According to him, he is "an absolute sexual beast" but this has not been scientifically confirmed as yet.

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