Fireball chess

An artist's impression of actual fireball chess

Fireball Chess is a variation of chess that The Mob sometimes plays. It was created in the middle of 2011 by Liam Tullett and Siva Prakash. Several flaws were found with the original rules and these were consequently fixed. For example, the knight was deemed useless and a new rule involving it was formed by Liam Tullett and Barney.

The advertising for Fireball Chess runs as follows:

Bored with the old standard chess? Or is one of your friends beating you too much? Then Fireball Chess is the thing for you!


  • Pawns and kings are as normal.
  • Knights move as normal except that after a knight has moved you can choose whether activate a special move called a Knight Bomb. You can Knight Bomb if the knight is not touching on of your own pieces. This does not include diagonals. A Knight Bomb kills the knight and also the pieces directly above, below and to the left and right. You can not Knight Bomb and kill either of the opponent's knights or the opponent's king.
  • Instead of the normal move of queens, bishops and rooks, you can choose to kamikaze the pieces. To be able to kamikaze there must be a clear path without any of your pieces on it. A kamikaze piece kills itself but also kills all the opponents pieces in its path. For example, a bishop can kamikaze and kill the opposition's queen, knight and rook in one move. You can not use the kamikaze move to kill the opponent's king.