The Experiment drink was a foul concoction made by Liam Tullett and Ashton on Athletics Day in 2010. It included:

  • Blue Powerade
  • Red cordial 
  • Orange cordial
  • Green cordial
  • Blue cordial
  • Purple cordial
  • Pepsi
  • Mint Mentos
  • Snap Crackle Bar
  • Pink snake head
  • Blackcurrant Ring Pop
  • Orange Fizzer
  • Pineapple lolly
  • Blackcurrant 'Focus on Sports' water
  • Glo, which was added the following day

This was stored in a Powerade bottle in Ashton's locker for some weeks, until he threw it out without telling anyone. Before it was thrown out, both Liam and Ashton tasted it and they both enjoyed it.

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