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Bruey, also known as Jewy, Jewbacca or the "King Rabbi of Jewland", is a very strange creature, and is the only living being to speak Bruish. This language is extremely difficult to understand, and impossible to replicate. No-one has succesfully replicated it up to his standard to date. Of recent he has invented his own writing system called the: "Bruey Approved Writing System" or 'BAWS' for short, this writing system has only one character so far, in which that character bears very similiar apearence to that of Mrs. English Teachers "F". This is the only character so far as it the most common sound that has been made from this creatures missused voicebox.

He is currently the champion of naan jokes, as he put a naan joke in a serious "doomed-to-fail" oral presentation. Bruey is one of the greatest Doctor Who fans in The Mob. Bruey has also temporarily stolen and placed many items out of people's pockets to his own amusement. Many wonder how he has committed this crime while going unnoticed. He is the great and mighty creator of The Piss Song. Bruey is also the co-creater of the zombie apocalypse survival plan, along with Fishi. He is the creator of the worst joke ever, and was in Class A 2010-11 and Class B 2012-13.