The Book of Quatchstrlop is to Yetiism as the Bible is to Christianity, except the Book of Quatchstrlop is more true. It stars the Yeti Quatchstrlop.


From the Book of Quatchstrlop; The Chapter of Figboot, Verses 18-32:

Thus Quatchstrlop spake: Thou shall not be aardvarks, nor shall thou be anteaters. Neither shall thou be a lion, nor a tiger, nor a leopard, nor a narwhal, nor a puma. Thou shall not be one of the limpets, nor the mussels, nor the plankton, nor the elephants, nor the krill. Thou shall not be ursine, nor shall thou be bovine, nor feline, nor canine, nor equine. Thou shall be yetiish, and thou shall be yetiish eternally.

From the Book of Quatchstrlop, The Chapter of the Prophet Migoi, Verses 1-4

And, as the gales and blizzards gathered round,
The throng silently listened with ne'er a sound,
Quatchstrlop spake through the snowy maelstrom,
"The age of the Yeti shall surely come."

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