Band Camp is a day, or days, that many interesting happenings occur on, apart from the obvious musical ones. These include:

  • Charley and Ayden hitting it off at the back of the bus for almost the entirety of the 3 hour bus ride home.
  • The discovery of the one and only Luigi, much to Charley and Ayden's disgust.
  • Liam Tullett random swearing at Molly without her knowing.
  • Liam, after over two hours of interrogation, discovers for the first time who Michael Rehfisch likes.
  • The best game of Truth or Dare ever played took place, where Michael kissed Charley, and Cass kissed Hayden W.
  • The Burger Conspiracy was created.
  • The creation of Pinsrap, by his now manager, his now songwriter and Ayden.